Choicest VGM - VGM #291 - Entomorph - Track 7

Original soundtrack composed by: Danny Pelfrey and Rick Rhodes

Don't think I mentioned this last time but I was actually trying to get the game of Entomorph to work the other day on Windows 10 - sadly it's actually not an easy thing to do, unless you want to keep looking at error messages and not watch any cut scenes or listen to any music. So listening to this soundtrack will have to suffice I suppose (although it is one extra game off my Pile of Shame though)!

This track plays when you're just exploring the jungles and it's a strange mixture of synth panpipes, tribal rhythms and an electric guitar, coz why not? Just before the minute mark there's also a passage that sounds very similar to Track 2 in the game, the track that plays in the village.

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