Choicest VGM - VGM #286 - Entomorph - Track 3 (Phoros)

Entomorph Album cover

Original soundtrack composed by: Danny Pelfrey and Rick Rhodes

Eventually your character makes his way to the main island nearby called Phoros where the city is enjoying a carnival of sorts - which really seems at odds with what you experience at the beginning of the game. The Phoros residents are overjoyed at the return of giant insect like creatures known as the jagtera that used to be employed as beasts of burden. However, things seem a little too surreal on Phoros, like it's all one strange, unsettling dream.

This track is perfect in channeling the euphoric mood that the residents of Phoros feel. The old timey nature of the track and that awesome percussion makes it one of the more distinct pieces of music on the soundtrack.

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