Steam Games Sunday - 16 April 2017

Screenshot of Rainbow Six Siege
Coming in at #2 this week is Rainbow Six Siege. There's been no new entries this week to the Top 10 - all are games/videos that have featured before.

  1. Sid Meier's Civilization VI
  2. Rainbow Six Siege
  3. Thimbleweed Park
  4. War Thunder
  5. League of Mermaids
  6. Double Fine Adventure!
  7. Everyday Genius: SquareLogic
  8. NBA 2K16
  9. Gems of War
  10. Marvel Heroes

Civ VI has once again managed to make 1st place this week and Rainbow Six Siege has pushed up a couple of places from 4th place last week to 2nd this week. Thimbleweed Park is now in 3rd place (up from 5th place last week) although it'll probably drop off the list soon considering I've now finished the game :). War Thunder has dropped down one place from 3rd place last week to 4th place this week and League of Mermaids is now in 5th place, despite it being in an impressive second place last week. Double Fine Adventure! has gone up one place to 6th, up from 7th last week, but this is another show that's likely to dwindle in terms of playtime since I've finished watching the main series - however there are a couple of "Sidequests" (i.e. one-on-one interviews with Double Fine staff on how they got into the industry) that I'm interested in viewing. Everyday Genius: SquareLogic has gone up one place to 7th (it was in 8th place last week). NBA 2K16 has returned to the list in 8th place while Gems of War remains in 9th place. Banished was pushed off the list and Marvel Heroes takes its place in 10th place, having down from 6th place (which was where it was on the list last week).

Anyway stay tuned for next Sunday to see if this list changes :). Are you playing any of the games on this list? How are you finding them?