King's Quest - Epilogue Review

Screenshot from epilogue to King's Quest 2015
Apparently pirate goat-unicorns feature prominently in the King's Quest epilogue

  • Reviewed by: Mark Goninon
  • Developer: The Odd Gentlemen
  • Publisher: Sierra
  • Release Date: 20 December 2016
  • Time played: 0.8 hours

The epilogue for King's Quest was released with little fanfare back in December last year, which is why I've only played it now since there was no notification on the game's Steam store page of the release. This epilogue is set after the events of Chapter 5: A Good Knight (not surprisingly) and you get to play the role of Gwendolyn (King Graham's granddaughter) who is off on her own adventure.

Note that this epilogue is only available to those who have bought the Complete Collection of King's Quest and not to those that bought the Season Pass.

What I like:


As usual, the music is definitely an aural treat with its beautiful, whimsical style, although unlike previous chapters, I didn't notice any musical themes being borrowed from previous King's Quest games.

Voice acting

Voice acting is top notch once again but there's not really much said in the epilogue save for Gwendolyn's lines and one other character.

References to previous chapters

While the chapters prior to the epilogue contained several references to the original King's Quest series, the epilogue doesn't contain any. However, it does have references to the new King's Quest and so you'd hope, since it's an epilogue.

One story arc comes full circle

While not everything is resolved in this epilogue there is one story arc that is and it's cute. The epilogue also shows us that King Graham's adventuring spirit very much lives on in his granddaughter Gwendolyn.

What I dislike:

Lack of puns

Gwendolyn isn't as punny as her grandfather King Graham and he doesn't feature in this chapter – consequently there's a lack of puns and immediately the game doesn't feel like a Sierra adventure any more!

Still some loose ends

The epilogue unfortunately doesn't quite make up for the flat ending in Chapter 5 and there's still quite a few loose ends that aren't resolved. Does this mean they're planning a second season of King's Quest or did they merely do a rush job and forgot to explain what happened to the rest of King Graham's family?

Mainly fetch quests

There wasn't really much to the puzzles and I think that's because most of them were fetch quests. Most of the time was spent just running from one side of the map to the other picking up random items.


I completed the epilogue in less than an hour, but to be fair, you wouldn't expect the epilogue to be as long as a chapter, right?

No Steam Achievements

Score – 7/10 (Alright)

Unfortunately, the epilogue to King's Quest doesn't really tie up many loose ends and the puzzles aren't too challenging either. However, the epilogue does have a cute resolution to one particular story arc and it's good to know that King Graham's adventuring spirit well and truly lives on in his granddaughter Gwendolyn. Let's hope that Sierra and The Odd Gentlemen consider creating a new adventure with Gwendolyn in the starring role!

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