Choicest VGM - VGM #276 - Transport Tycoon - Aliens Ate My Railway

Screenshot from Transport Tycoon

Original soundtrack composed by: John Broomhall

Now we're talking. This track used to be one of my favourites from Transport Tycoon and is probably still up there as one of my favourites today. It just seems to stand out from the rest of the crowd as a modern funk/jazz track and also happens to incorporate an actual disaster that can befall you in its title (well, I'm not sure about the aliens eating your railway, but they can definitely destroy vehicles...).

Also, you may have noticed that the video looks slightly different - AGAIN (and has also been delayed). Turns out VideoPad (the video editor I used last week) isn't all that it's cracked up to be (it's not free to use), and it's taken me a while to find something that is an easy-to-use alternative to Windows Live Movie Maker (I've tried three so far). While one program might be superior in one particular area, it would usually be lacking in another. Despite my videos not being very complex to make each would have some shortfall, such as Avidemux not supporting the use of still images as a video (there's a kludge, but it's painful) or Shotcut not allowing you to insert the "#" symbol when using the text filter.

I used one called OpenShot for this particular video which is pretty close to what I wanted (at least in terms of simplicity) but I ended up using a different title text template since it didn't have one similar to what I used to use. Also it took me ages to upload the damn video since with WMV I could compress files to only a few megs, now it's 150MB at least! So I'm not sure if I'm going to stick around with OpenShot or not - might be time to move onto yet another video editor!

The music was recorded through DOSBOX after selecting the AdLib/Soundblaster FM option in the configuration utility (which is apparently OPL2 emulation).

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