Choicest VGM - VGM #275 - Transport Tycoon - Road Hog

Screenshot from Transport Tycoon

Original soundtrack composed by: John Broomhall

Once again we're featuring one of the oldschool jazz tracks from the Transport Tycoon soundtrack. It's probably not one of my favourites when compared to the other entries that grace the soundtrack, but it's still pretty good on its own - just not as good as some of the funkier, more modern offerings on the soundtrack :).

So I tried my best to make a road network with lots of buses and trucks in the screenshot but it didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. Also, when playing Transport Tycoon, trains are definitely where it's at - you don't really want to use buses unless you want some inner city public transport in the larger cities where it just wouldn't be feasible to demolish a whole bunch of skyscrapers to plonk down your train station and railway lines... think of your city council approval rating (yes, that's something you actually had to worry about in Transport Tycoon)! But yeah, besides that, trains are where it's at.

Oh, also if you think the video template looks different, then you'd be right. Since getting a new computer I found out that Live Movie Maker (the previous tool I used for editing videos) has since been discontinued. So I have to find another one: I'm currently using NCH's VideoPad Player, mainly because I read it was simple to use, a bit like Movie Maker (I don't really need the bells and whistles of other video editors) and it's free to use. So we'll see how it goes.

The music was recorded through DOSBOX after selecting the AdLib/Soundblaster FM option in the configuration utility (which is apparently OPL2 emulation).

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