Choicest VGM - Hard Times Come Again No More

Hard Times (Come Again No More) is the theme for America in Civ VI

We're going to do something different for today's VGM Monday; for today's post we're featuring a piece of music that served as inspiration for America's theme on the Civilization IV soundtrack. I'll eventually get around to reviewing the official Civilization VI soundtrack, which I'm really enjoying, but before we do, let's have a look at this version of "Hard Times Come Again No More" by Kate and Anna McGarrigle (as shown in the video).

The original version of the song was a parlor song written by Stephen Foster and published in 1854. It was apparently a very popular song in its day, not only in America but Europe as well. The song has been performed many times since the 19th century with some even being performed by famous artists of the 20th century such as Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

[ VIDEO: Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Hard times come again no more ]