Choicest VGM - VGM #257 - Sid Meier's Civilization - Loading Screen

Screenshot of Sid Meier's Civilization loading screen

Original soundtrack composed by: Jeffery L. Briggs

At the beginning of every Civilization game you were treated to a loading screen in the form of an animated slideshow showing the evolution of the Earth and life on it. I mean sure, most of the time you were just clicking things like crazy and going "come on! When's my game going to load?" so most of the time, you wouldn't be around to appreciate the entire duration of the loading screen, but I believe it's actually one of the most memorable loading screens in PC gaming since like every Civ game, it celebrates the accomplishments of mankind and shows how far we've come.

The loading screen is also memorable for me (and my brother) in particular as we had a bit of fun modifying the game's files to actually change the introductory text (usually with deriding comments aimed at the player). Ah my misspent youth.

The music was recorded through DOSBOX and consequently this is DOSBOX's emulation of OPL3 I believe, the FM synthesis sound chip used in a lot of old Soundblaster cards.

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