10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2017 - #5 For Honor

I had a lot of fun with the game War of the Roses which is basically a medieval FPS (First Person Slasher/Shooter?) which allowed you to try a variety of weapons, even crossbows. What I loved best about the crossbow is that despite it being a very deadly weapon, reloading the thing was slow and you had to play a sort of mini-game in order to reload the bolt properly, leaving you quite vulnerable but also ensuring the need for skill in order to play the game effectively. Sadly, there never really was a big following for it here in Australia and when that happens, it's very difficult to continue playing a multiplayer game as a result. Medieval: Total Warfare on the other hand, seemed to do quite a bit better on Steam which just goes to show, there is a market out there for a multiplayer melee game and finally one of the big publishers has taken notice.

So Ubisoft are apparently going to release a multiplayer melee game on Valentine's Day next year (a peculiar choice of game to release on that date) where you can not only play as the knights, but as Vikings or even Samurai! Yes, For Honor promises to have three factions you can play with different fighting styles, weapons and armour. The game will also have at least three multiplayer game modes: Dominion (a 4v4 battle which sounds like Battlefield's Conquest mode), Duel (a three round one-on-one fight in an Arena) and Brawl (a 2v2, three-round battle to the death - last man/woman standing will win the game for his/her team).

Also, as an added bonus, the game promises to have a single player campaign mode too, although I suspect most people will be jumping on board mainly for the multiplayer.

3 out of 8 votes

Voted by:
Mark, Choona and Luke

Release Date:
14 February 2017

[ LINK: For Honor Official Website ]


  1. Yes, at last! Wow guys this is the date.. :) I've been awaiting for this game so long time, it was announced about for honor release date  on official review website about this day. The best Valentines day gift :) You wouldn't believe :) Yes, I got a For Honor game from my wife :))


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