Rainbow Six Siege Patch 4.2 to be released today

Image of Rainbow Six Siege Mid Season Reinforcements
Twitch and Doc gets buffed, while Blackbeard and Valkyrie get nerfed

Ubisoft has revealed a whole bunch of changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the next patch (version 4.2) which will be released very soon: Tuesday 13th September to be precise. There are actually some quite dramatic ones here which I'll talk a bit more about after you check out the list.

Here's a summary of the changes:

  • Impact grenades for Defenders and claymores for Attackers added to game (what is this? BF4?)
  • Addition of two new attachments: Muzzle Brake and Heavy Barrel
  • Reduced the number of team kills before teamkiller is booted
  • Killing hostage counts as multiple team kills
  • Reduced number of team kills before being booted in early stage of game (Ubisoft noticed with their data that intentional team killing tended to happen at the beginning of a round)
  • Early team kills count will not reset between rounds
  • Will implement an anti-bullying system in the future

  • Buff: G36C now has even less recoil

  • Nerf: MK17 CQB Assault Rifle has more recoil with shield on
  • Nerf: Shield only has 150 HP instead of 800HP. But he now gets two of them and can alternate between them.

  • Buff: CARMS DMR does more damage.

  • Loses barbed wire and gains Impact Grenade

  • Loses nitro cell and gains Impact Grenade

  • Buff: P90 less recoil to counter nerf they implemented a while back
  • Buff: Can over-heal – can give temporary 40 HP health boost to himself or teammates up to 120 health

  • Buff: 9mm C1 SMG increase in damage

  • Buff: PKP Pecheneg does more damage

  • Loses breach charge and gains claymore

  • Buff: can deploy gadget faster

  • Buff: can deploy gadget faster

  • Buff: MP5K gets slight damage boost and slightly less recoil

  • Buff: P90 less recoil to counter nerf they implemented a while back
  • Loses barbed wire and gains Impact Grenade

  • Loses nitro cell and gains Impact Grenade

  • Loses stun grenade and gains claymore

  • Loses stun grenade and breaching charges and gains claymore and smoke grenades

  • Buff: 417 DMR has now less recoil and more damage
  • Loses stun grenade and gains claymore
  • Gets two shock drones (but no normal drones) and can use shock drone in preparation phase (!!!)
  • Shock drone is harder, better, faster, stronger (actually it’s faster, more silent, less conspicuous and has better dart range)

  • Nerf: 3 Black eye cameras instead of 4

Two operators from the GIGN appear to be the big winners in this update: Doc and Twitch. Doc is now able to boost the health of his teammates which means he can actually be useful in Multiplayer. The P90 (which I tend to use) also has less recoil now, to counter the effects of a previous nerf to the weapon. Twitch, however, is going to be a huge game-changer now. Not only does she get two shock drones (she no longer gets two normal drones), and not only are her shock drones, faster, silent, less conspicuous and with better dart range, but they can be used during the preparation phase. This means she has the potential to create complete havoc while the defending team are still trying to setup defences and it also becomes imperative to keep an eye out for drones since they're not just a simple nuisance now, but they can actually destroy all your gadgets (or worse, cause you to die an embarrassing death - if you can get shocked 10 times). Other operators that have had buffs to their weapons include Ash (the G36C), Buck (the CAMRS), Frost (9mm C1 SMG), Fuze (PKP Pecheneg), Mute (MP5K), Rook (P90) and Twitch (417 DMR).

The two biggest losers both happen to be from the Navy SEALs: Blackbeard and Valkyrie. Valkyrie receives a slight nerf in that she can only deploy three Black Eye cameras instead of four, however Blackbeard is the subject to some pretty serious nerfing; his rifle shield is no longer able to withstand 800HP of damage and can now only withstand 150HP. However, Blackbeard gets two rifle shields now as a bit of a compromise. Also his assault rifle has more recoil while using the shield.

In terms of the new gadgets, it remains to be seen whether they make the game even more chaotic than before or not. Impact grenades were given to defenders as a means of quickly destroying walls but they might also be a more effective way to take out shield operators since now you no longer need a two-step process to detonate explosives (like you did with the nitro cell). The claymores that the attackers get will also make it slightly more difficult for roamers as they have to be extra cautious about the attackers setting up traps now.

Overall, I think there are some good changes coming up in this patch - I especially like what they've done for Doc since he hardly gets used at all besides the occasional Terrorist Hunt match. Oh, also the stricter rules about teamkilling is welcome too, except with respect to the hostage, there may have been a couple of times where I accidentally killed him... so I guess I have to be extra careful from now on.

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