Steam Games Sunday - 14 August 2016

1849 is a newcomer to the top 10 list, coming in at #7

  1. War Thunder
  2. Rainbow Six Siege
  3. Star Trek Online
  4. Everyday Genius: SquareLogic
  5. NBA 2K16
  6. Far Cry 3
  7. 1849
  8. Squad
  9. Marvel Heroes
  10. Sniper Elite III

The top four haven't changed with War Thunder still coming in at #1 (although behind the scenes, it's actually being played even more than the previous week), Rainbow Six Siege coming in at #2, Star Trek Online at #3 and Everyday Genius: SquareLogic at #4. After these four there has been some reshuffling in the ranks. NBA 2K16, while not being played as much as last week, has supplanted Far Cry 3 for fifth place, mainly because I haven't played Far Cry 3 that much at all in recent times (but don't worry, I'm making good progress. I'm now doing missions on Hoyt's island). The big mover for this week though has to be 1849 which is a newcomer to the charts at #7. This city builder set during the California Gold Rush is another game I'm hoping to review in the near future - it's actually my "family friendly" choice (the non-"family friendly" one being Far Cry 3). As a result, Squad and Marvel Heroes have been pushed down to 8th and 9th place respectively. Sniper Elite III coming in at 10th place, is another newcomer to the top 10 but will we see it pop up again next week?

Anyway stay tuned for next Sunday to see if this list changes :). Are you playing any of the games on this list? How are you finding them?