Classic Sierra games on Steam now in Humble Bundle

Screenshot of Humble Sierra Bundle
Humble Sierra Bundle has a whole bunch of new and old Sierra games

Steam recently announced that they were selling a whole bunch of classic Sierra titles but wait! Before you go and attempt to satisfy your feelings of nostalgia by purchasing them, there is now a Humble Sierra Bundle where you can get a whole bunch of Sierra games for $20 USD max.

Pay $1 or more
- Space Quest Collection
- Phantasmagoria 1-2
- Police Quest Collection
- Shiftlings

Pay More than the Average
- Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
- TimeShift
- Quest for Glory 1-5
- Gabriel Knight 1-3

Pay $15 or more
- Caesar 3-4
- Geometry Wars 3
- King's Quest Collection
- Velocity 2X

Pay $20 or more
- King's Quest the Complete Collection

I've already got the $15 USD tier since I already own the new King's Quest game on Steam. So now I've got a whole bunch of classic Sierra games as well as some newer indie ones to boot.

I noticed a particular chap on the Whirlpool forums asking whether the games were any good by today’s standards or whether they were simply a way to cash in on nostalgia. To be honest, despite me being a Sierra fan, I think these games are probably only of interest to those wanting to learn a bit more about gaming history, especially adventure games. It’s also worth getting these if you played adventure games in 80s and 90s but never got around to playing Sierra’s offerings. Otherwise, if you’ve never played 80s/90s adventure games, the Sierra ones can be somewhat frustrating, especially the older ones.

On the other hand, the Quest for Glory games are pretty damn good games in their own right - here's a video I submitted to a GOG contest espousing the very reasons why you should check it out :).

Oh, one nice bonus is the fact that the Space Quest Collection isn't actually available for sale on Steam in Australia, so this Humble Bundle is the only way you'll get a Steam copy if you live in Australia.

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