SimCity 3000, Dragon Age and Dead Space are now DRM-Free on GOG

We built this city on Ma-xis cooooOOOOOODE

Good Old Games ( are now selling Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space and, my favourite SimCity game of all time, SimCity 3000 which means the games are free of any DRM. While it's great to see Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Space on GOG, to me it’s not as big news as SimCity 3000 being finally available since unlike Dragon Age and Dead Space, SimCity 3000 isn't available on other digital distribution platforms like Steam and Origin (well, at least not yet).

It was an insta-buy for me even though it’s currently selling at 50% off for about $7 (quite steep for a 17 year old game but I love it that much). Too bad there’s no soundtrack bundled with the purchase since that was one of the game’s best features: the jazzy tunes courtesy of Jerry Martin.

[ GOG: Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space, SimCity 3000 Now Available! ]