June 2016 Game Giveaway Winner

King's Quest The Complete Collection is up for grabs!

Well, the giveaway is over and we have our winner! Unfortunately, it's not actually anyone who entered the competition since it turns out that nobody entered the competition - not a single person! So the lucky recipient just happens to be fellow Choicest Games contributor, Luke - well done!

So with this rather embarrassing and sad news, it seems that I won't be running any further competitions on Choicest Games (at least for now) since either:

(a) not enough people are reading this blog,
(b) people really can't be bothered doing old school contests/giveaways any more or
(c) people hate King's Quest so much they wouldn't even grab it for free

Oh well, it was worth a punt :). If you have any suggestions or recommendations though, feel free to comment.