TFX and Utopia Video Game Music Composer Barry Leitch releases new album

Yes, I do realise that Barry Leitch is probably more famous to fans of the venerable Amiga platform, but he had his MS-DOS fans too, me being one of them! Leitch was the virtuoso behind soundtracks for games like T.F.X. and Utopia: The Creation of a Nation; the soundtracks from both of these games are amongst my favourite game soundtracks of all time. So when I heard that Leitch was working on a new soundtrack for a mobile game called Horizon Chase (as I mentioned in my "Where are they now?" post on him last year) I was pretty excited.

The game has since been released and is apparently even coming to Steam soon (so I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it). But the most exciting bit of news for today is that Leitch has released the Horizon Chase soundtrack which is available digitally on his bandcamp website for $5.99 USD or as a physical copy handled by Amazon for $20 USD + shipping.

The soundtrack is evocative of his (now) retro style on previous soundtracks such as T.F.X. and Utopia and that's not a bad thing! If you like Amiga game music, DOS game music or just something really cool to play in your car, it's worth checking out.

[ Bandcamp: Barry Leitch - Horizon Chase Soundtrack ]
[ Link to purchase physical copy of Horizon Chase Soundtrack off Barry Leitch's website ]