Civilization VI to be released on 21 October 2016

Don't know if it was such a good idea to build that giant Atlas statue over the city...

It's the news all Civ fans have been waiting for (and CivAnon has been dreading...) but a new Civilization game is to be released towards the end of this year (21st October 2016 to be exact, which is coincidentally the same date that Battlefield 1 is to be released)! Hardly any details about it yet but there's a snazzy trailer that does what a Civilization trailer normally does which is celebrate all of Mankind's achievements.

I'm very excited about the news! Not sure what it means to Beyond Earth as a series as I suspect all development efforts will be focused on the new Civ game. It'll also be interesting to see what new gameplay concepts they will be introducing in this latest iteration of the classic turn-based strategy game from Sid Meier.

EDIT: It seems that the Steam store page for the game already has a few screenshots that I've uploaded below.

Also there's been a good Rock Paper Shotgun article posted that goes through some of the gameplay elements, to summarise what I think are most prominent:

- The game will be hex-based like Civ V
- Tech trees that depend on the geography of your nation, e.g. if you're a landlocked nation, it'll take you heaps longer to research sailing than it does for one with ocean
- Your city actually spreads to the entire radius of the city – it's no longer just the hex in the middle.
- Units can be assigned to "formations" and move around as one group


[ Civilization VI Official Announcement Trailer ]