Choicest VGM - VGM #228 - Sid Meier's Colonization - Introduction

Original Soundtrack composed by: Jeffery L. Briggs, Ken Lagace and Roland J. Rizzo
Amiga Soundtrack by: Allister Brimble and Anthony Putson

Ah Sid Meier, designer of many of my favourite games - although here's a random bit of trivia, did you know that many of the games that have Sid Meier's name on it aren't actually designed by him (especially the more recent titles)? Games just tend to sell well when they have a rockstar developer's name on it I suspect :). Anyway, one of my favourite games of all time happens to be Sid Meier's Colonization which is where this track comes from. It's played during the introduction of the game and for those that are true Sid Meier fans, they might notice that the theme sounds very similar to another game made by him ;).

EDIT (15/10/2016): A fellow YouTube user +Plastiware has alerted me to the fact that despite me originally advertising these tracks as the Amiga version of the soundtrack, it's probably not entirely accurate. I originally marked these as the Amiga version due to the source MP3s I used stating Allister Brimble and Anthony Putson as the composers, but when comparing these tracks to Amiga versions of the soundtrack on YouTube and then comparing it to a DOS CD version, it seems these are most likely from the DOS CD version. Apologies for the mistake.

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