Choicest VGM - VGM #226 - The Chaos Engine - Title Theme

I killed a diiinosaaaaur.... I killed a diiiinoSAAAUuUUuUURRR...

Composed by: Farook Joi and Haroon Joi

Here we go, a classic, top-down run and gun, Amiga game known as The Chaos Engine and its awesome soundtrack. I only ever ended up playing the game on DOS as I wasn't cool enough to own an Amiga at that time, but if there was one thing good about The Bitmap Brothers is that they seemed to invest in good soundtracks - well, at least for Xenon 2 and this particular game. The actual soundtrack was composed by a chap named Richard Joseph who sadly passed away almost a decade ago and he was a bit of a pioneer in the art of composing game music. He didn't compose the title track though, according to the game credits; that honour goes to Farook Joi and Haroon Joi.

Like other tracks in the game, the title theme is a pretty funky piece of early 90s dance music which always gets a thumbs up in my books.

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