12 Days Left for Kickstarter Project: A Documentary about Game Composer Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe walks through a video arcade. Reminds me of the Flynn's Arcade scene in Tron Legacy...

Lucy Lowe, one of the daughters of legendary game composer, Dave Lowe, launched a Kickstarter project at the end of last month to raise £8,000 in order to fund a feature film documentary about her father. Originally, she was just planning to record the Chamber Orchestra of London playing the orchestral version of the Frontier: Elite II theme (which features in the Kickstarter project trailer video - can't wait to hear the whole thing!) but she has now decided to pursue an entire documentary including not only interviews with her father (who is no doubt a fountain of knowledge) but also some legendary game developers including Jez San and Charles Cecil (co-founder of Revolution Software - the company that developed classic adventure games like Broken Sword and Beneath a Steel Sky).

The film will cover the world of retro gaming, the music that accompanied these games, and some of the technological challenges Dave faced back in his game music composition heyday. Being a fan of video game music, especially retro PC game music, means I'm quite keen to see this project succeed. The project currently has £5,353 pledged of the £8,000 and that's from 116 backers, but with only less than 2 weeks left, it's just about crunch time.

So if you're interested in Amiga music or just retro PC game music in general, you might want to check out this project. If you really like the idea, you might even want to pledge a few quid ;).

[ LINK: Uncle Art - The Film Kickstarter Project ]