Where are they now? - Doug Brandon (one of the composers of Gateway II)

Doug Brandon contributed to the music of Gateway II: Homeworld

I've already gone through many of the designers and producers on the original Frederik Pohl's Gateway such as Glen R. Dahlgren, Michael Lindner, Michael Verdu and Bob Bates; all of these guys were also involved in the development of the sequel, Gateway II, however someone who wasn't involved with the first but was involved with the second (at least according to MobyGames) was Doug Brandon, a composer.

Brandon has been composing music for games since the early 1990s. One of the earliest games he worked on was 1991's The Rocketeer (developed by Novalogic), which also happens to be a game I played in my youth. He continued to compose music for games such as Stunt Island, Gateway II: Homeworld (of course), Panzer General, Great Naval Battles Vol. II, Silent Hunter and Outcast.

Apparently, according to MobyGames, he had a bit of a hiatus from composing game music for several years after the 1990s but he was audio director for a company called Hijinx Studios which released a game in 2010 called Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement. Since then, there's been little information on Brandon (or Hijinx Studios for that matter) so his current status is a bit of a mystery - hopefully he's still composing music for games though!

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