Choicest VGM - VGM #218 - SimCity 2000 - Track 5 - Budget Screen

Soundtrack composed by: Sue Kasper

At only 15 seconds long, I'm not really sure you could call this a proper track, and yet it's such a memorable piece of music in SimCity 2000 because it plays whenever you visit the oh-so-important budget screen. Balancing the budget was a crucial skill in SimCity 2000, unless you used money cheats of course, but since I never cheated (I mean, what's the challenge then?) I always found myself dreading the budget screen, because everybody complained about not having enough money, and it never helped when your power plant was due to explode too.

I always felt sorry for the Tax Adviser, since unlike the other advisers whenever you clicked on him for advice he would automatically get booed - even when he wasn't advising you to raise taxes!

The track is actually short enough to be a ringtone come to think of it... now there's an idea...

Thanks to Simtropolis community member Biff for hunting down the SimCity 2000 soundtrack.

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