Choicest VGM - VGM #216 - SimCity 2000 - Track 2 (SimCity 2000 Theme)

Soundtrack composed by: Sue Kasper

The more astute readers of my blog would've probably noticed that I missed out on posting a new Choicest VGM video last Monday. Yes, that actually happened and I apologise but due to technical difficulties (namely a power outage) I was unable to keep to my original schedule. No matter though, as today we get to hear some music from the classic city builder SimCity 2000.

SimCity 2000 isn't probably a game that is synonymous with a great soundtrack, especially when you compare those primitive MIDIs to the game music of today, but they definitely ended up being memorable, perhaps through a combination of the sheer hours spent playing the game as well as the fact that many of them had a catchy beat.

This first track, simply called "Track 2" is one that usually plays at the beginning or while viewing the game credits and hence why it gets the de facto title of "SimCity 2000 theme".

Thanks to Simtropolis community member Biff for hunting down the SimCity 2000 soundtrack.

[ VIDEO: Choicest VGM - VGM #216 - SimCity 2000 - Track 2 (SimCity 2000 Theme) ]