The 39 Steps, Magicka and The Ur-Quan Masters added to Free VGM Repository

Well, after scouring the interwebs for more officially free PC game soundtracks, this is the last batch (for now). Any others that are out there are either too hard to find or there's some uncertainty whether it's free or not (e.g. The Witcher Enhanced Edition which I thought was free before but not entirely sure now). Anyway, if you happen to find any other free soundtracks, let me know and I can add them to the repository :).

The 39 Steps

This partial soundtrack containing 6 tracks by Si Begg and was released on Soundcloud about 2 years ago. The soundtrack contains a mix of .wav files and .aif files.

[ Download .aif/.wav soundtrack here ]


Magicka's soundtrack contains 27 tracks which are available for free from Magicka's official webpage. Most of the tracks are 192kbps .mp3 files and are composed by Johan Lindgren with the exception of the track St. George and the Dragon by Nanook of the North (56kbps .mp3), 100 Snakes Cometh by Elfs featuring Trolls (128kbps .mp3) and The Gamer and Magicka by Reachground (319kbps .mp3).

[ Download 192kbps .mp3 soundtrack here ]

The Ur-Quan Masters

The Ur-Quan Masters is a free port of 3DO version of Star Control II to modern operating systems (the 3DO source code was released as open source by the original creators, Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III). A new remixed soundtrack was developed for the game based on the original Star Control II tracks by a group of musicians called "The Precursors". They have released music onto this website over the past decade or so. They have been split up into five collection (four remix packs and a collection of additional releases). There are 51 tracks in total and they are all in 192kbps .mp3 format.

[ Download Super Melee! - Remix Pack 1 - 192kbps .mp3 soundtrack here ]
[ Download Neutral Aliens, Don't Shoot! - Remix Pack 2 - 192kbps .mp3 soundtrack here ]
[ Download The Ur-Quan Hierarchy - Remix Pack 3 - 192kbps .mp3 soundtrack here ]
[ Download The New Alliance of Free Stars - Remix Pack 4 - 192kbps .mp3 soundtrack here ]
[ Download Additional Releases - 192kbps .mp3 soundtrack here ]

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