Spotlight Sunday - Week 4 - 2016

Spotlight Sunday is a way for Choicest Games to feature PC games that are scheduled for release on the following week - games that we consider worthwhile checking out.

This week (25th January to the 31st January 2016) there are five games that I think are worth checking out; there even happens to be a AAA title in the mix:

World's Dawn

  • Release Date: 26/01/2016
  • Availability: Steam - Not available for pre-order
While I've been slightly put off by the sheer number of RPGMaker look-a-likes on Steam in recent times, it doesn't mean they're necessarily all bad. World's Dawn looks sufficiently different to your usual offerings and is apparently similar to another game called Harvest Moon which is a cult classic. Harvest Moon is described as a farm simulation RPG so I'm guessing World's Dawn is similar in terms of gameplay. Apparently there are 32 characters that you can befriend, all with their own personalities and quirks, and there's "hundreds upon hundreds of lines of unique situational dialogue". Sounds like it has potential if you're looking for a casual game, especially if you're female (as it has a female protagonist).

The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge

  • Release Date: 26/01/2016
  • Availability: Steam - Not available for pre-order, GOG - Not available for pre-order
If there is a retro, Sierra-style, point 'n' click adventure for sale, you can be sure I'm going to take notice. The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge is a game developed by Infamous Quests, who are the guys behind the infamous Quest for Infamy which is kind of like Quest for Glory without the heroics, or so I hear. This is apparently the first episode in a series of four so hopefully it will be priced accordingly.

The Witness

  • Release Date: 26/01/2016
  • Availability: Steam - $39.99 USD, Direct - $39.99 USD
Myst is one of the best-selling PC games of all time, and it came out, well, quite a while ago now, in the year 1993. The game involved exploring an island in first-person and solving the puzzles, and it looks like The Witness is going to be somewhat similar in scope. The island looks beautiful and there's apparently over 500 puzzles to solve; solving each puzzle brings you closer to regaining your memory and somehow finding your way home.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

This is probably one of the most anticipated games of 2016 and the rave reviews on the Xbox One seem to indicate it could be one of the better games to be released this year. I really enjoyed the reboot in 2013 so I expect this latest instalment in Lara Croft's story is going to be just as good.

The Slaughter: Act One

  • Release Date: 29/01/2016
  • Availability: Steam - Not available for pre-order but likely to be under $10 USD, Direct - $8.49 USD
The final game on this list is somewhat dear to my heart because I actually invested money in its development through Kickstarter. Brainchild has now decided to release the game in an episodic format so that sales from the first episode could help fund development of future ones. The game is a retro-style point 'n' click adventure set in Victorian England which sounds pretty good to me and I can't wait to give it a crack when it's finally released.

So are you interested or excited about any PC games being released next week? Which games are you looking forward to?