Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch now live on Indiegogo

A movie-style poster for point 'n' click adventure Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch

I was a bit late on the uptake but the crowdfunding campaign for Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch is now live on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. You may remember me mentioning about the game last month and things I liked in particular about the game was the art style and the intriguing setting as you play the role of a chap named Sebastian Frank who is on a quest to stop Hitler from seizing power.

What immediately caught my attention when visiting the page is that two famous point 'n' click adventure game developers have complimented the guys at Sebastian Frank Games (formerly known as wittyplot) for the work done so far. Charles Cecil, CEO of British development studio Revolution Software which is famous for the Broken Sword games as well as Beneath a Steel Sky thought the game looked great and John Passfield, creator of Flight of the Amazon Queen, had this to say:

"Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch is a refreshing take on the adventure game genre. They have done a great job crafting a unique game inspired by historic events"

Quite the endorsement. So how much are the guys at Sebastian Frank Games asking for and what is it going towards? Well they've apparently worked on the game for 6 months so far and they're asking for €30,000 EUR to complete the project. Apparently, the amount they're asking for is about 60% of their total budget and will mostly go towards development (although some will go towards business expenses too).

Sebastian Frank has 28 days left to secure the necessary funds and it's an all or nothing affair as the project is using a "fixed funding" model similar to Kickstarter (i.e. funds will only be transferred if the project reaches its goal). €10 (about $15 AUD) is the minimum you have to pay in order to get a perk/reward which is a digital copy of the game for PC, MAC or Linux. €50 (or $77 AUD) will get your name in the credits (including perks from lower tiers) and the dearest reward/perk at €500 (or $770 AUD) will give you a small speaking part in the game (along with all the other perks in lower tiers)! Neat!

Also, if you're unsure about investing money before actually having a taste of the gameplay, be sure to try out the demo.

[ Indiegogo: Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch ]