Wishing You All a Choicest 2016!

The end of the year is a time for reflection and a time for looking towards the future.

It's been a pretty busy year here at Choicest Games, here are some of the stats:

  • 232 posts, the second most in a year ever (the year with the most posts was 2014, and third most was 2008 with 230 post)
  • We added the Choicest Games Top 100 - a huge undertaking that took several months to compile with four contributors acting as judges; I'm reasonably happy with the result.
  • The annual 10 Most Anticipated PC Games list was completed for 2016
  • This year was the busiest with respect to "Where are they now?" posts as there were 47 completed in total
  • A Free VGM repository was added that allows people to download legitimately free PC game soundtracks.
  • 24 game and soundtrack reviews were completed this year

In terms of resolutions I made in the previous year, I think I have cut back with my Steam spending, which is a good thing. That's not to say the backlog didn't increase at all so unfortunately, I'm probably in no better position than I was about a year ago. I also failed to play 100% of my Steam library because the backlog actually grew.

In good news, it seems I just made it on my third resolution which was not to go crazy with the reviews; I managed to publish 24 reviews which is the exact number I set as a goal! Hurrah!

I'm still way behind with the Game of the Year articles since I still haven't done one for 2013. I don't think it's feasible I will get there any time soon so my 2012 Choicest Games Game of the Year post may have been the last one.

So for 2016 my resolutions will be:
  • To again aim for 24 reviews in the coming year
  • To continue "austerity" measures on my Steam library
  • To focus on indie game reviews more since it seems there's a greater demand for them than AAA game reviews (everybody covers them after all).
  • To continue the Most Anticipated PC Games List for 2017
  • To continue with my weekly segments: VGM Monday, Where are they now? Wednesday and Spotlight Sunday

Anyway, to all my loyal readers, I wish you all a choicest 2016! Thanks for checking out Choicest Games :).