Official Quest for Glory IV Soundtrack released

Look behind you! A three-headed... no no it's scarier than that

Yes, you read right. More than 20 years since the classic Sierra adventure/RPG hybrid was released, Aubrey Hodges, the composer of the soundtrack, has created 42 new arrangements of one of the coolest soundtracks to grace the series. He's also included the high quality Sound Canvas versions of the original MIDI as well. There are 100 tracks on this album in total and it's selling for $15 USD.

What I loved about the Quest for Glory series is that each of the games had a different flavour to their soundtracks. One reason for that I suspect is that they had a different composer for each of the games: Mark Seibert for QFG1, Chris Braymen for QFG2, Rudy Helm for QFG3, Aubrey Hodges for QFG4 and Chance Thomas for QFG5. Aubrey Hodges brought metal to the Quest for Glory series with a lot of his tracks involving wailing guitar solos. This was a big departure from the previous soundtracks and despite the MIDI electric guitar samples not sounding quite as good as the real thing, he managed to do an admirable job with what he had to work with. It was always one of those soundtracks that would've definitely benefited from the use of live instruments. Fast forward to 2015 and Hodges has finally done it! Just check out the re-done Prelude track. So much awesome!

I am surprised that the release of this album has been accompanied by little fanfare. As far as I can tell all that Hodges has done is update an existing post on his blog saying it's finished and hoping his friends and family can spread the word. Well, I'm not quite a friend but as a fan of his music I'd very much like to see Hodges receive the credit he is due. So if you're a fan of the Quest for Glory IV soundtrack like me, why not buy it? It also might be of interest to Sierra fans in general.

[ LINK: Aubrey Hodges's Bandcamp page ]