How Hitler Learned to Stop Worrying (about Art) and Love the Bomb

I'm Sebastian Frank, mighty artist.

Those who are fans of point 'n' click adventure games should know that there may be a new crowdfunding campaign on the horizon if there's enough interest in a game called Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch by Portuguese studio, wittyplot. The game appears to be set during the inter-war years in Europe around 1923 where you play the role of a guy named Sebastian Frank. The game will follow Sebastian's quest in preventing Hitler and the Nazi party from taking power in Germany.

The fact that the game covers Hitler's days before the rise of the Nazi party, despite the plot having one foot in history and the other in fiction, makes for an intriguing setting. I also happen to like the art style which can be described as a combination of Curse of Monkey Island meets anime (although what's with the vampire teeth?). During the short time I've played the demo, the puzzles seemed reasonably logical so you shouldn't need to scratch your head for too long before figuring out a solution.

"Wait," you say. "There's a demo?" Why, yes there is and you can grab it here for Windows, OS X or Linux. The demo is set before the main events of the game it seems as it is set in Vienna in 1908. The main character, Sebastian Frank, aims to become an artist at the prestigious Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and the demo serves as a prequel to what will be the game proper.

[ LINK: Official Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch Page ]