Highest Rated 2015 Games on Steam

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the highest rated 2015 game on Steam

Usually I would do a "Spotlight Sunday" post on Sunday where I would feature a bunch of games being released next week that look interesting. However, next week there aren't any games that have really caught my attention (unless you can count the ridiculous fan service in Sakura Santa, but that series is infamous for that anyhow) and overall, there aren't many games being released during the Christmas period - probably because a Steam sale is imminent.

So I thought that I'd try and discover an objective way of determining which games this year were popular or critically acclaimed, and then use that information to give my readers tips on what to buy for Christmas. I first had a look at the games released this year on Steam ranked from highest rating to lowest and recorded the top 10. I then had a look at Metacritic for their top 2015 and took the top 10 from that list. As you'd expect, the lists are not identical as Metacritic aggregates review website scores and only ones they consider worthwhile. Also since review websites tend to review AAA titles, consequently there were quite a few on the list. As Steam has a lot more PC-centric, indie titles, it's no surprise that there are some indie titles on the top 10 list - what I didn't expect though was that there were no AAA titles!

I thought that was pretty interesting in itself and since most lists on other review sites would give you the usual tips of what to get for Christmas (e.g. Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, GTA V, etc.), I thought I'd do one based on Steam's top 10 which are all indie games. So you could consider this a buyer's guide to indie PC games for Christmas since that's basically what it's turned out to be!

Top 10 Rated Games on Steam 2015

In terms of how the games on this list relate to my circle of Steam friends, Kerbal Space Program is owned by 8 of my Steam friends meaning it has sold the best (at least out of my Steam friends) and it also has six on my friends list that want it, meaning it's the most sought after too. Undertale and Crypt of the Necrodancer follow closely behind though at 5 friends wanting both of these games.

So do you own any of the top 10 games on that were released in 2015 on Steam? What do you think about the ones that have been rated so highly? Do they deserve the acclaim they have received? Let us know!