Choicest VGM - VGM #210 - Global Domination - Jupiter (World Creation Theme)

Soundtrack composed by: Christopher J. Denman

This is the second track to feature from Global Domination and again it happens to be a rearrangement of a "classical" piece of music: Jupiter from Gustav Holst's The Planets. You'd almost think that Christopher J. Deman only does rearrangements of famous classical works but let's not be so hasty yet, as we'll get to some original stuff very soon. It's probably fitting that this music happens to serve as background music while you're waiting for a new world to be created from scratch so that you can wage global domination on (instead of using the default Earth map).

The music was recorded through DOSBOX and consequently this is DOSBOX's emulation of OPL3 I believe, the FM synthesis sound chip used in a lot of old Soundblaster cards. Also, since the track is really short, I actually ended up making it play the passage three times before fading it out.

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