Broken Age Original Soundtrack Review

  • Name: Broken Age Original Soundtrack
  • Label: Double Fine
  • Composer(s): Peter McConnell
  • Number of Tracks: 30

Just as it was with the AntharioN soundtrack, I managed to grab a copy of the Broken Age soundtrack thanks to me pledging a bit more than the standard price of admission when it came to the Kickstarter project. Whenever there's an option to get a copy of a soundtrack, my love of Video Games Music forces my hand and I can't help but pay a bit extra.

So several months ago, I noticed a copy of the Broken Age soundtrack sitting in my Humble Bundle library. I decided it was time to give the soundtrack a proper listen to so here's the low-down on the soundtrack.

There are 30 tracks altogether and both Act 1 and Act 2 are well represented. There's an eclectic mix of styles to be heard on this soundtrack including Country 'n' Western, jazz and, of course, epic orchestral music thanks to the talents of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra! There are even a few tracks that seem to have taken inspiration from McConnell's previous works such as the jazzy and playful, The Situation Room, the epic, Hero (which somehow manages to sound like Day of the Tentacle at times, especially around 0:58), the menacing and tense, Battle at Shellmound (where despite my best intentions, I hear a bit of LeChuck's Theme at 0:57), and the Carribean rhythms of Shellmound Festival (Peter McConnell worked on the soundtrack for Monkey Island II).

My favourite track on the album has to be Vella's Mission though. It has such a cool, jazzy, stealthy, spy-flick vibe to it. Consequently, I believe It suits the capable and determined Vella well as a theme.

Score – 7/10

Broken Age's soundtrack is a delightful addition to Peter McConnell's repertoire and the music really does sound better with a live orchestra, thanks to the talented Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The soundtrack is an eclectic mix of Country 'n' Western, jazz and epic orchestral music with some nods to McConnell's previous work. Recommended for fans of orchestral soundtracks, Lucasarts games and Peter McConnell.

You can get a digital copy of the soundtrack in either MP3 of FLAC from the Double Fine Bandcamp page here. Also, if you happen to buy the game on Steam you're able to get the soundtrack for $6.99 USD (and currently, thanks to the Steam sale, it's only $1.74 USD).

[ Bandcamp: Broken Age: Original Soundtrack ]
[ Steam: Broken Age Soundtrack DLC ]