7 Reasons to Back Night City Assault

Damn punks.

Usually, I would be typing up a Spotlight Sunday post today based on games being released in the coming week. There's usually a lull in the release of games post-Christmas and I suspect this is what's happening at the moment since there are no games that seem interesting me which are scheduled for release next week.

This led me to check out my old haunt of Kickstarter though, to see if there were any promising projects. I stumbled across one called Night City Assault and was impressed with what was on offer, so I decided to back the project. Here are my reasons why:

1. It's a tribute to Streets of Rage!

This is the primary reason I backed. I love the game Streets of Rage and considering this has a similar aesthetic and gameplay style, it's hard to resist.

2. It's a beat 'em up with a difference

However, don't go thinking this is just a Streets of Rage clone, the game also happens to incorporate elements of RPGs such as experience points and a level up system as well as an extensive set of combat moves. The game will also feature Metroidvania-style exploration and a mission-based campaign.

3. It's made by an Australian developer

Xtra Mile are situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It's your patriotic duty to support Australian developers! ;) But seriously, if it means I'm helping our very small games development industry, then hell why not. Also, since it's from Australia there shouldn't be any problems in terms of the language/cultural barrier in accepting the game.

4. They've got the voice of Honest Trailers guy

You know the guy that does the voices for the hugely popular "Honest Trailers" videos on YouTube? Yep, they've got Jon Bailey signed up as a voice actor on the game! They promise to have other professional voice acting talent too such as Kira Buckland (aka Rina-chan) and Rick Whelan.

5. It's a PC game

First and foremost, this game is being developed for the PC. However, the developers do plan to port the game onto the Xbox One and provided they reach stretch goals, they will port the game to PS4 and Wii U (this is a big reason they developed using Unity).

6. It has co-op!

Well, you'd normally expect this from a game based on Streets of Rage right? But it's probably worthwhile confirming that this feature is included :).

7. It's been given the "Kickstarter Staff Pick"

That must count for something, right? :)

The guys at Xtra Mile also have a demo available of the game, so if you're not convinced by the spiel on the Kickstarter page alone, you can try it out :).

[ LINK: Night City Assault Kickstarter Project ]