10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2016 - #7 Tom Clancy’s The Division

Now don't go all zombie on me okay?

This is the second Tom Clancy game to make the list and it happens to be one set in a near future, post-apocalyptic world. The premise of The Division is that a virus goes out of control and eventually the United States government collapses within five days. Basic services cease to exist including the provision of food and water. The country quickly descends into chaos but there is a special classified unit known as the "Strategic Homeland Division" or simply "the Division" that has authority straight from the US President to piece society back together and restore order.

So how does the game itself work? Well it’s apparently going to be an open-world, massively multiplayer, third person shooter with role-playing elements. The aim of the game is to find the source of the virus and restore order and you can play the main campaign with friends (yay). As you progress through the game, you earn experience points which can unlock new abilities, level up your weapons and gear, and provide customisation options for your character. The game is apparently going to be split into PvE and PvP areas.

Anyway, I'm not one that usually likes MMORPGs but this seems to be a more action-oriented, MMO shooter, so provided Lanna, Choona and Luke get on board, I'm keen to give this one a go too!

3 out of 8 votes

Voted by:
Mark, Choona and Luke

Release Date:
8 March 2016

[ LINK: Tom Clancy's The Division Official Website ]