10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2016 - #6 The Mandate

Pretty. Kind of gets me in the mood for Elite: Dangerous though...

The Mandate originally featured as a game we'd "keep our eyes on" last year although somehow this year it now features in the Top 10 list (probably because my scoring system has changed since last time). A Kickstarter project was launched on the 3rd October 2013 and it managed to successfully raise $701,010 from 16,408 backers when the campaign came to a close on 2 December 2013. So the game has been in development for well over a couple of years now and it’s apparently nearing completion.

But why are we excited about this game? Because it seems to tick all the right boxes when it comes to the genres we like. The Mandate claims to be a sandbox, military sci-fi RPG but it incorporates elements of strategy (such as base building, ship design, research, crew recruitment etc.) and tactics (space combat and ship boarding). The game is also set in what could only be described as Imperial Russia in space! You take the role of a disgraced former captain that is called to help the newly crowned Empress to put down a rebellion – a chance for you to reclaim your honour. However, what you do next is up to you: you can choose to fight the rebellion or you can side with the rebels. You can even go rogue and become a Pirate King! It’s totally up to you which is where the "sandbox" part of the game comes into play. Throw in a bit of strategic layer base building and team management, and some tactical ship-to-ship combat, and the game is starting to sound like XCOM, but in space, and in real-time, and with spaceships!

4 out of 8 votes

Voted by:
Mark, Choona and Luke

Release Date:
Q1 2016

[ LINK: The Mandate Official Website ]