Choicest VGM - VGM #206 - The Settlers - Main Theme

Screenshot of The Settlers

Soundtrack composed by: Haiko Ruttman and Markus Kludzuweit

Now for some music from a classic German city builder from the early 90s, The Settlers (or Die Siedler in German and Serf City in the U.S.). As a kid it was so much fun seeing the little people go about their business transporting goods, prospecting for gold, growing wheat, milling flour, baking bread and ultimately fighting off opposing forces (among other things). It was only several years later before I played another game with Settlers in its name, but this would be Klaus Teuber's famous board game Settlers of Catan. At first, I wondered if one was inspired by the other and it's something I'll never truly know, but they do share some similarities, such as the medieval setting, a hexagonal grid, the importance of roads and resources to the economy, as well as the fact they were both created in Germany.

The music that plays in this video is the music that plays throughout the whole game after you've watched the intro (which has its own track to accompany it). Considering it kept looping over and over the track has been forever imprinted in my memory. Just as well it's a catchy tune then! I'm not the only one who thinks so either as there have been several covers and remixes based on this wonderful track.

I managed to extract the music for this video directly through DOSBOX and it sounds pretty similar to how I remember (which is with a Sound Blaster sound card on DOS). Yes, it might not be as superior as Roland MT-32 or the Amiga version of the soundtrack, but this is the one I remember :).

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  1. Good work extracting music. But how exactly you managed to do this?

    1. IF you run a game through DOSBOX, there are several functions you can perform such as taking screenshots, capturing video and capturing audio. The default key is CTRL-F6 to capture sound output into a wave file. You can learn more about it here:


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