Where are they now? - Jane Jensen

Screenshot from Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition
Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition - Jane Jensen's most recent work (in terms of computer games)

Jane Jensen features on my "Where are they now?" post for this week mainly because I've been playing Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition quite a bit so it had me wondering what this adventure gaming great was up to nowadays. Jensen was behind some of my favourite games including King's Quest VI, Gray Matter and last, but not least, the entire Gabriel Knight series. She currently lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her composer husband, Robert Holmes. The most recent game she's released is the one I'm currently playing, Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary which was also released on tablets only a few months ago.

1963 - Born in Palmerston, Pennsylvania as Jane Elizabeth Smith

1970s-1980s - Jensen graduated with a degree in computer science from Anderson University in Indiana. She became an engineer for Hewlett-Packard for six years.

1991 - Jensen joined Sierra On-Line. Her first roles were providing additional writing for Police Quest III and helping to design Ecoquest.

1992 - Jensen co-designed King's Quest VI with Roberta Williams

1993 - Jensen completes her first big project and arguably her most famous work, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

1995 - The sequel to Sins of the Fathers, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery is released. Jensen wrote the story and designed the game.

1999 - Gabriel Knight 3 is released. Jensen once again wrote the story and designed the game

1999 - Jensen wrote two tie-in novels for the Gabriel Knight games but she had her first independent novel published in 1999 called "Judgment Day"

2000s - Jensen worked on several hidden object adventure games as a designer.

2003 - Jensen's novel Dante's Equation was released and was even nominated for a Philip K. Dick award.

2006 - Jensen announced a new game called Gray Matter at the Leipzig Game Convention

2010 - Gray Matter is released which Jensen directed and designed.

2012 - Jensen and her husband, Robert Holmes, establishes Pinkerton Road Studios on their farm in Pennsylvania.

2012 - Jensen setup a Kickstarter project to raise funds for two games: Moebius: Empire Rising and Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition. They manage to raise $435,316 USD from 5,836 backers.

2013 - Jensen started to have several gay romance novels published under her pen name "Eli Easton".

2014 - Moebius: Empire Rising is released which Jensen designed and wrote the story for.

2014 - Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition is released which Jensen designed (and wrote the original story for).

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