Choicest VGM - VGM #200 - Day of the Tentacle - Introduction & Opening Themes

Soundtrack composed by: Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian and Michael Z. Land

Wow! Choicest VGM's 200th track! That's a big milestone... in fact I'm pretty sure I'm coming to the limit of the number of videos you can have in a playlist... which means I'll have to start a Choicest VGM Playlist #2! Exciting stuff. I have hardly as many tracks as SupraDarky though (he is still "da baws" when it comes to VGM on YouTube).

Anyway, to commemorate this milestone it seems appropriate to play a track from a classic Lucasarts adventure game that will soon be remastered! Hooray! I'm talking about Day of the Tentacle of course, sequel to Maniac Mansion - although I played Day of the Tentacle first. What I always loved about this soundtrack is that like a lot of good films, the game had leitmotifs for each of the characters so just by listening to the music you'd know which character was in the scene. Anyway, here's my run-down of what happens at each part of this first track:

00:08 - The good ol' Lucasarts logo
00:16 - Beautiful front-end of the mansion
00:33 - The not-so-beautiful, toxic back-end of the mansion
00:40 - The Tentacles appear
01:12 - Purple Tentacle transforms
01:23 - Purple Tentacle feels like he could "TAKE ON THE WORLD!"
01:33 - Meanwhile... Bernard Bernoulli gets a note
01:44 - Bernard's housemate Laverne shows up
02:36 - Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne make their way in an old pick-up truck to Doctor Fred Edison's Mansion. The Introductory Credits roll.
04:22 - The crew arrive at the mansion
04:30 - The guys spread out to find Doctor Fred's secret lab. You can hear a grandfather clock ticking in the background.

Thanks to Mirsoft for providing these memorable tracks.

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