Choicest VGM - VGM #195 - Wing Commander: Privateer - New Constantinople

Soundtrack composed by: Laura Barratt, Marc Schaefgen and Nenad Vugrinec

The following track plays at one of the unique locations in Wing Commander: Privateer, a large space station called New Constantinople. Apparently you've got to do some missions that involve transporting contraband there. You can sell just about anything at the station but the only thing it really produces is art (which apparently sells well at Pleasure Planets). Consequently, it's probably no surprise that New Constantinople serves as the capital of the Gemini Sector and is the hub for all political and cultural events.

The music is graceful and beautiful with the harp used extensively. I also think there's a bit of oboe in there too (although it's hard to tell with MIDI instruments sometimes ;)).

Thanks to C75 and WCNEWS for providing these memorable tracks.