First look at Civ Beyond Earth expansion faction Al Falah

One of the four new factions to be introduced in Rising Tide

Firaxis has given us a first glimpse at the leader of one of the new factions to be introduced in the upcoming Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion pack, Rising Tide. The faction is called "Al Falah" (which means "success, happiness and wellbeing" in Arabic, especially from self-improvement) and their citizens hail from resilient, wealthy Middle Eastern states. It seems that the faction's leader is a woman called Arshia Kishk and the little morsels of information we can read about her and her faction come in the form of a personal letter between her and her daughter, shortly before planetfall.

The letter tells a story of how princes and princesses lived in hotels (no not castles), perhaps a bit like the Burj Al-Arab?

The story is obviously a fable and thanks to oral tradition has become more sensational over several generations, claiming that the princes and princesses used to own llamas instead of camels (but there's apparently some kind of phage that caused them to grow humps). It basically serves as a cautionary tale to Arshia's daughter that other people aren't to be trusted even if they claim they're here to help suggesting that Al Falah will adopt an isolationist approach.

What is pretty neat though is the mention of a certain unit from the main Civilization series: namely the Giant Death Robot!

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