Spotlight Sunday - Week 20 - 2015

Spotlight Sunday is a way for Choicest Games to feature PC games that are scheduled for release on the following week - games that we consider worthwhile checking out.

This week (11th May to the 17th May 2015) there's really only one PC game that comes to mind this week that I think is worth checking out and it's by a critically acclaimed indie developer:

Invisible, Inc.

  • Release Date: 10/05/2015
  • Availability: Steam - Not available for pre-order
This game is developed by Klei Entertainment - the same developer behind well received indie games Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja. While I've never played these games I can tell you that the premise of the game is good enough to capture my interest. Invisible, Inc. is apparently a cyberpunk, stealth-based, espionage game. It's turn-based which means I already like it and it's got very stylish visuals. They've gone all out with the cutscenes and audio (with apparently hundreds of lines of voiceover) but despite this the game's levels are procedurally generated - maybe they're taking a leaf out of Diablo's book in that regard perhaps?

So are you interested or excited about any of these PC games being released next week? Which games are you looking forward to?