Choicest VGM - VGM #178 - Frontier: Elite II - Night on Bald Mountain

Composed by: Modest Mussorgsky
Arranged by: Dave Lowe

And here we have another track originally composed by Modest Mussorgsky but arranged by Dave Lowe for the old space trading sim, Frontier: Elite II. This time we have Night on Bald Mountain and just like many of the other tracks on this soundtrack, it serves as great combat music. For those of you that aren't classical music aficionados, you still might be familiar with this track if you've watched Disney's Fantasia before.

Oh and where did I get the music? I recorded it directly from the game audio (using the Adlib/Sound Blaster option) while running the game through DOSBox. I did find MIDI files of the DOS version's music online but they just weren't the same as how I remembered. So there you have it :)

Thanks to Dave Lowe for composing such a memorable soundtrack!