Want to Hear the Frontier: Elite II Theme Performed by a Live Orchestra?

Dave and Holly Jazz Lowe

Well then check out the latest Kickstarter project by Dave Lowe and his daughter Holly Jazz Lowe. You may be thinking that I already mentioned about this Kickstarter a few days ago but that project has since been cancelled due to the unfortunate news that many tracks are unrecoverable due to faulty hardware. Consequently, the pair have started a new Kickstarter which has a different aim: instead of producing two CDs worth of music like the original Kickstarter (one with the original music and one with the remakes), the new CD will have just the remakes. However, unlike the previous Kickstarter the Frontier: Elite II theme will be performed by a live orchestra by default! This is no longer a stretch goal and the new funding target of £33,000 instead of £20,000 reflects this. I'm pretty excited by the news since it's the main reason I backed the project in the first place (since I'm probably not old enough to have that nostalgia hit when listening to Amiga, C64 or Atari ST game soundtracks).

The live orchestra version of the theme is going to be performed by the Chamber Orchestra of London but there are still a couple of stretch goals, with one involving a larger 50-piece orchestra to perform the Frontier: Elite II score.

Other games that will have their music remade include:

  • Frontier: First Encounters
  • Starglider 1 and 2
  • Afterburner
  • Carrier Command
  • Street Fighter 2 (Amiga version)
  • International Karate+
  • Beneath a Steel Sky (another one I'm looking forward to)
  • Microprose Formula One Grand Prix
  • Incredible Shrinking Sphere (ISS)

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