Jagged Alliance Flashback Team Disbanded

That's one small pool

In the most recent backer update for the Kickstarter-backed game Jagged Alliance Flashback (JAF), Thomas Lund of Danish developer Full Control has brought everyone bad news. In an attempt to explain why communication has been slow between the JAF team and its fans, Lund states that there’s simply no one left (besides himself) to answer queries:

Big part of the slow communication and lack of progress is, that the JAF team is no more. Everyone is gone and there is me left to handle it all.

Lund clarified that when he mentioned the team was gone, they hadn't simply moved to another project but that they were actually laid off:

And people have not just been moved over to other projects as some people say. They are gone gone, not to return. Very sad, but that’s just the financial reality of JAF.

A previous backer update mentioned that in terms of sales, the game wasn't doing so well and it was attributed to the negative reviews on Steam giving the game a "Mixed" rating. Full Control appealed to the fans to write positive reviews and for those who wrote negative ones to try the game out again and edit their reviews to cast the game in a more positive light. Many fans were insulted by the recommendations made and voiced their disapproval in the comments.

Ultimately though, the plan seems to have worked as a flood of positive reviews came in shortly after the Kickstarter update and while the game is still in the "Mixed" category, it’s no longer in danger of being in the “Negative” category. Unfortunately, it seems that it wasn't enough though in light of the recent news.
As there is no longer any team, Lund stated that “there is also no further development on the game”. After implementing two further bug fixes Lund plans on sending modding tools and assets to the Jagged Alliance modding community in the hope they could use the current game as the basis for new content.