Choicest VGM - VGM #171 - Wing Commander: Privateer - Main Title Theme

Soundtrack composed by: Laura Barratt, Marc Schaefgen and Nenad Vugrinec

2669, Gemini Sector, Troy System...
The Terran Frontier...
Between the Kilrathi Empire...
And the Unknown.

This is how one of my favourite games of all time starts - the space trading sim Wing Commander: Privateer. In the intro, your character, a nameless trader, is ambushed by three pirates but you actually manage to handle the pirates quite well, eliminating all of them despite flying an obsolete Tarsus trading ship (the ship has CRT monitors obscuring your view for chrissakes!).

Accompanying the intro is the music you can hear in the video. It has a mixture of mystery and adventure all rolled up into what has become (for me) a very memorable intro theme. The themes you hear in the intro are also often played in the rest of the game, so keep an ear out for them over the following weeks as we explore this gem of a soundtrack (despite the fact the original basically consisted of just MIDI).

Thanks to C75 and WCNEWS for providing these memorable tracks.