Top 10 M-Rated Games on Choicest Games

I've been waiting for you... FRIENDS!

Following on from my previous articles on Top 10 G-Rated Games and Top 10 PG-rated games it's now time to take a look at the top 10 M-rated games.

In Australia, media that is rated "M" means the content is recommended for mature audiences. This means anyone can still play this game but it is recommended that only gamers over 15 years of age play the game due to "moderate" impact. This is also the final "advisory" rating before you get to MA15+ and R18+ which are classified as "restricted" ratings (i.e. only gamers above 15 years old or 18 years old are allowed to play respectively). Basically, this category contains a moderate level of violence, sexual references, adult themes and some coarse language. Here are the top 10 to feature on Choicest Games:

  1. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
  2. The Sims Medieval
  3. Guild Wars 2
  4. ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West
  5. Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
  6. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  7. Red Alert 3
  8. Dungeon Siege III
  9. Deathspank
  10. The Sims 3

So if I take into account all the 19 M-rated games that I've reviewed on Choicest Games, what kind of genres made this list? This is what they tended to be:

  • Point 'n' Click Adventures
  • Real Time Strategy Games
  • Action Role-Playing Games
  • Comic First Person Shooters
  • Life Simulations
  • Card Games
  • Platformers
  • Medieval First Person Slashers
  • Business Simulations
  • Walking Simulators
  • Stealth co-op games

Real-Time Strategy games are well represented by the M rating probably due to some moderate science fiction or fantasy violence. Action RPGs are usually in here for the same reason so long as they're not too gory, as well as MMORPGs but that could also be due to many gambling elements as well as heavy drinking found in these games. You also don't tend to see the racing games and puzzle games which are usually associated with the G or PG rating.

Once again, there are plenty of games under this category that are good enough for adults to play, especially once you get to the M-rating. They're obviously not going to be as violent or risque as titles under MA15+ or R18+ but games in this category are definitely aimed at "tweens", teenagers and adults, not little kids.

Also, statistics for statistics sake:

  • Total number of games reviewed that are rated "M": 19
  • Highest rating for an "M" game: 9/10
  • Lowest rating for an "M" game: 4/10

Stay tuned for the Top 10 list for MA15+ in the near future!