Kill the Bad Guy Review

Death by smelly garbage it shall be!

  • Developer: Exkee
  • Publisher: Exkee
  • Release Date: 28 May 2014
  • Time played: 2 hours

I actually didn't purchase Kill the Bad Guy by choice (despite it having a pretty choice sounding name) but it was actually meant to be a gift for a mate on Steam. Unfortunately, he already had the game (along with several others) so I ended up with an extra game in my library I knew little about.

I didn't include a "plot" score for this game since despite it making up some silly (but sometimes humourous) story that you're part of some global vigilante organisation taking out the world's worst terrorists, criminals and dictators, it's obviously just lip service. What you've really come to do is play the 60+ puzzles they have on offer.

So are the puzzles any good and what's a puzzle game got to do with killing bad guys?

Gameplay (4/5)
The objective of the game, as the game title has already spelt out for us is to kill the bad guy. On each level, the bad guy walks from one side of the map to another and your job is to ensure he doesn't make it to the other end alive by using a variety of tools and traps. Sometimes you're given seemingly harmless things like rope, crates and trees - other times you're given shurikens, javelins and lighters. Each level presents its own different challenges and the best part is there's usually more than one way to kill your target encouraging some creativity. However, as you progress through the game things will get trickier since the number of bystanders, cops and cameras increase and you have to perform these assassinations without anyone knowing.

Kill the bad guy without anyone noticing and you complete the level. If you manage to kill him on the first day, find a passport that's hidden on the map, grab the bad guy's tooth when he's killed and cause some blood splatter, you'll be rewarded with even more points.

While I was admittedly hesitant when first playing this game I think the gameplay is really novel: it's like Lemmings in reverse where instead of trying to avoid traps on the way to the exit, you're actually the one setting the traps. The game also requires some element of timing and stealth, since if the bad guy, bystanders, cameras or cops notice what you're up to it's usually game over (I say "usually" because there is an achievement you can get for killing the bad guy while he's trying to run away after noticing one of your traps).

Sometimes all it takes is a dodgy lamp post

Sound (5/5)
No complaints about the audio - I especially like the sound sample that plays when the "Bad Guy" is disappointed: "Oh..."

Music (3/5)
There isn't a huge variety of music and there's only two that stand out for me: the funky spy music that plays sometimes in-game and the hip hop track they have for the main menu theme.

Graphics (3/5)
The game really only has three "colours": white, black and red. While the game is in 3D it uses very basic models to animate everything - but that's okay since to do otherwise would probably distract from the actual gameplay.

Replay (2/5)
I enjoyed the couple of hours I played of the game and it's definitely one of those games you could just spend a short time with and still feel like you've accomplished something - unless you're absolutely stumped on a level, which happens sometimes. Whatever the case, each attempt at the level shouldn't take long at all - I think that's what I'm mainly getting at. Oh the game also has Steam achievements and Steam trading cards to collect too.

Polish (5/5)
No major bugs encountered and the interface works well enough.

Score – 7/10

If you're short on time and want a puzzle game that's Lemmings in reverse, Kill the Bad Guy could be just the game for you.

Is the game worth $9.99 USD?: Yes

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