Pay $50 to get your voice into a game by the creators of Maniac Mansion

As I mentioned almost a fortnight ago, Lucasarts legends Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, who both worked on the classic 1987 adventure game Maniac Mansion, are now raising funds on Kickstarter for a retro adventure game called Thimbleweed Park. The game is already fully funded and with 16 days left until the end of the campaign they have over 12,000 backers and $450,000+. This means the $425,000 stretch goal has already been reached so the game will be translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian and another language picked by the backers (Klingon perhaps?).

Originally, for 5 seconds of fame, backers could pick the $50 tier which got your name into an in-game phone book where your name could be the solution to a puzzle. Now it seems that Ron and Gary have taken that $50 tier to the next level since they've upgraded the reward to not only include your name in the game but you'll now be able to record a voicemail message when the player dials your number! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you're already intending to back the game and it's obviously a clever ploy to not only entice new backers but also existing backers to up their pledge. With over 1,500 backers already in the $50 tier though, that's going to be a lot of voicemail messages... thankfully you can get away with low quality samples with voicemail messages I suppose.

[ SOURCE: Thimbleweed Park Kickstarter Project - Update #6 ]