Latest Weekly Humble Bundle offers 7 RPGs worth $80+ for only $10

Ah Consortium - so much potential...

The latest Weekly Humble Bundle is called "The Humble Weekly Bundle: RPG Edition Book 1" - I assume this will be the first of many which is totally fine with me as I love RPGs. However, the games that they have included in the bundle definitely span the term RPG in the broadest sense: there's an action hack 'n' slash RPG, a JRPG, a turn-based RPG, a sci-fi first-person RPG and even a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style RPG, to highlight a few. There's about $80 USD worth of games here if you decide to get all 7 but you'll only be paying $10 for the entire bundle.

Where did I get my $80 figure from? Well if you check each of the games on Steam (and each of them are available on Steam) the total for all seven games is $87.93 USD ($49.64 USD if you take into consideration the current Steam sale prices). The games I'm talking about are:

  • Skara - The Blade Remains
  • Alpha Kimori - Episode One
  • Avadon 2
  • Fighting Fantasy - The Forest of Doom
  • Deep Dungeons of Doom
  • Halfway

I was initially attracted by the Fighting Fantasy title to be honest since I was a bit of a fan of Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style books. So if I didn't bother getting Halfway, then you're currently looking at paying over $5.24 USD in order to beat the average. Pay only $1.00 and you can get Skara - The Blade Remains, Alpha Kimori - Episode One and Avadon 2 Steam keys.

Of course, at the end of the day, you can also get that warm and fuzzy feeling from contributing to charity too, so if you're curious about any of these RPGs, now is probably the time to buy them!

[ LINK: The Humble Weekly Bundle ]