Exploring Elite: Dangerous - Potential war brewing in Dulos?

There's trouble a'brewin'

Move along... nothing to see here.

Wow I wasn't expecting to be in this situation where I've got nothing to type about today. Well nothing that I'm able to get the time to finish anyway.

So you'll just have to make do with this awesome thing I found in Elite: Dangerous!

While flying around the Duros star system which happens to be very near the Jera star system - the same star system where a certain Senator Patreus of the Empire was backing the Jera Nationalists to overthrow the democratically elected Jera Social Democrats - I came across this faction description for the Duros Defence Party:

"This group has recently begun openly expressing its dissatisfaction with Federal policy decisions. Rumours abound among the local populace about a potential split from the Federation, a rumour backed by the fact than (sic) an ever increasing amount of armaments and ships are working their way through the system's ports."

It's probably only a matter of time till full-scale civil war becomes a reality. I'll be definitely keeping an eye out on this system in the future so I can do my part for the Federation ;).