Choicest Games wishes you all a happy 2015!

Where are my self-lacing shoes, hoverboards and hovercars damnit!

Hey everyone. Going to make this a quick one as the new year is almost upon us (well it already is I suspect if you're living just west of the International Date Line :)).

On behalf of Choicest Games, I wish you all a very happy 2015! May it be a productive and prosperous year since I'm definitely hoping for some productivity and prosperity, that's for sure!

It's usually a tradition at New Year's to make New Year resolutions but since this is a PC Gaming blog after all, I thought this year I would make some gaming related resolutions. So here they are:

  1. Cut back on buying the Steam games man: Each year, PC gamers are suckered into buying more games than they probably should during the Steam sales (myself included). While this year I've always set myself a budget as to how many games I could buy (which is a good first step) the next step is to limit the number of games since it's okay if you're setting yourself a budget when just buying AAA games but when you can afford 100 indie titles for $100 during a sale, well that's really increasing "dat backlog". My Steam games backlog is becoming pretty unmanageable at the moment and for someone who doesn't like wasting money on games he'll never play, buying more games for the sake of buying games, isn't the way to go :). This leads me onto another related resolution...
  2. Play 100% of the games in my Steam library: Notice I didn't say "complete" since that's a really tough challenge to set yourself, especially on roguelikes, Metroidvanias and a whole bunch of other genres that aren't meant to be winnable or are just too damn difficult for me! I currently have 352 games in my Steam library and I've done pretty well in that I've actually played approximately 253 which is just over 71%! Almost 3/4. I actually thought I only played 33% so not too bad (although that might still be the percentage of games that I've completed). Anyway, 100% is the perfect score but it's doable if I've already played the majority!
  3. Set a limit on how many games to review: I've already made a start in placing a priority or "importance rating" for a game so that I make sure I complete at least those reviews first before thinking of doing a review for every game I own that is released in a year. I currently have 57 games to review on my 2013 reviews list and about 81 for my 2014 reviews list. This is not feasible for someone who isn't doing this for a living! Consequently I'm thinking to aim for maybe setting myself a minimum of 24 reviews at least and see if I have time for anything else.
  4. Complete a Game of the Year 2013 article before the end of 2015: Because I'm obviously waaaay behind schedule :).

And there you have it, what gaming New Year resolutions will you be making? Or is your attitude "to hell with New Year resolutions"? :) Let us know. See you in 2015.